Professional artist


Jennie Bergius b. 1986 grew up on a small island on the Swedish west coast where she also lives today. Jennie was surronded by art growing up, with a mother who also is an artist. Jennie has painted all her life, studied art and participated in her first art exhibition at the age of 14. Jennie lives and works as an artist and socialworker in Sweden.

Artist statement

During the early years, up to her mid twenties, Jennie mostly painted realistic watercolor. A depicting way of work to advance in the technical grounds so that she later on would be able to find her own free artistic voice. Then, the transformation years started and the watercolor motifs moved on to magical realism - a new dimension was added. A couple of years later mixed media and the abstracts got added to Jennies repetoar. The past years Jennie has alterned between magic realism watercolor and abstract mixed media, often emerged in both playful and serious collages.

Jennie works with contrasts and diversity - dream world v.s reality, gender and class. She describes her artprocess as "deconstructing and recreating reality through art". Wanting to make life more harmonious.


2020 Aug-Sept, jury-judged - Romele Art hall / Skåne, Sverige

2020 Jun-Aug, solo - Dekorex / Kållekärr, Sverige
2019 Jun-Jul, duo - Klädesholmen Art room / Klädesholmen, Sverige
2018 Sept, solo - Skärhamn Art room / Skärhamn, Sverige
2017 Jul-Oct, solo - Klädesholmen Art room / Klädesholmen, Sverige
2016 May, solo - Hogia / Stenungsund, Sverige
2015 Oct, group - Medborgarskolan / Kungälv, Sverige
2015 Apr, solo - Bettys Hörna / Skärhamn, Sverige
2014 May, solo - Änggårdens Hospice / Göteborg, Sverige
2014 Mar, group - Lions annual art exhibition / Göteborg, Sverige
2005 May, group - Galleri Koch / Stenungsund, Sverige
2000-2016 Jul, group - Private gallery / Klädesholmen, Sverige

Previuos representation

Noa Gallery

Nordic art Wall

B Gallery, UK