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Jennie Bergius b. 1986 grew up on a small island on the Swedish west coast, surrounded by art through her mother who also is an artist. Jennie is mainly autodidact and participated in her first art exhibition at 14-years old and has exhibited her art every year since then. Jennie lives and works full time as an artist in Sweden. 

Artist statement

Early years

From the age 6 to 26 I exclusively painted realism watercolor. It was what I grew up with and knew as my mother is a realism watercolor artist. At the age of 27 my motives started to change in tunes with my life, (I was pregnant), to magic realism watercolor. Being pregnant was a dream come true for me and I started to see the magic in life more clearly. (And I also felt that life needed some magic). Magic realism watercolor created an order of reality for me. I steered the transparent watercolor pigments with water through strategic technical moves to depict and deepen features of flowers, animals and humans. Magic realism has been my way of coping with the world and therefore gave me an invaluable sense of context. 

A few years later I dared to meet a new friend - abstract mixed media. I needed a change and wanted to find my own inner voice, not to follow a safe passage that I had gotten to know quite well but to explore and go outside my comfort box. I was now a mother and as life changed, I needed to change. Abstract mixed media gave me moments being in a playful and anarchistic unbridled utopia, a place within me that’s been there for as long as I can remember. It felt like there were no rules, no musts - only emotion and freedom. Ink, acrylics, oil and pastell in brush and/or chalk strokes without consideration or hesitation. It felt like collecting gold by the end of the rainbow. 

Transition years

The past couple of years I have alternated between magic realism watercolors and abstract mixed media. 2019-2020 I started to merge these two styles into collage pieces. These techniques and styles can be seen as polarities but (or maybe therefor) these opposites formed an optimal entity for me. The magic realism watercolor with its structure, organization, rules and routines and the abstract mixed media's sense of space, spontaneity, flexibility and freedom. It was like the pieces belonged together and were finally completed when I created these collage series - they gave me the feeling that the world made sense. 

As I grow older I've realised that I want and need more ease, more fun and more calm. I want to feel like the world is full of opportunities and that is the feeling that I get when I'm working with mixed media collage art. And that is the feeling that I want to share with you.


2020 Aug-Sept, jury-judged exhibition - Romele Art hall / Skåne, Sweden

2020 June-August, solo exhibition - Dekorex / Kållekärr, Sweden
2019 June-July, duo exhibition - Klädesholmen Art room / Klädesholmen, Sweden
2018 September, duo exhibition - Skärhamn Art room / Skärhamn, Sweden
2017 July-October, solo exhibition - Klädesholmen Art room / Klädesholmen, Sweden
2016 May, solo exhibition - Hogia / Stenungsund, Sweden
2015 October, group exhibition - Medborgarskolan / Kungälv, Sweden
2015 April, solo exhibition - Bettys Hörna / Skärhamn, Sweden
2014 May, solo exhibition - Änggårdens Hospice / Gothenburg, Sweden
2014 March, group exhibition - Lions Annual Art exhibition / Gothenburg, Sweden
2005 May, group exhibition for students - Galleri Koch / Stenungsund, Sweden
2000-2016 July, group exhibition - Private gallery / Klädesholmen, Sweden


2020-current Noa Gallery

2020-current Nordic Art Wall

2020-current Konstlobbyn

Earlier collaboration
B Gallery, UK

Education and work (in the art field)

2014-current - Artist with own firm

2007-2013 Art teacher (extra) at Nordic Watercolor Museum, Sweden
2009 KV Art school - Gothenburg, Sweden

2005 Aesthetically program with art as major subject - Gymnasium Nösnäs, Sweden

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